We love meeting our neighbors here in Horizon West!

Thank you for stopping by our tent at a recent local event and hanging out with us! We love meeting the people of our amazing community. :D

If you missed us, don't fret! We're ramping up to attend as many of the community events happening in Horizon West as we can. And if you take 10 seconds to turn the HorizonWestHappenings.com website you're on right now into a handy web app by simply saving the ICON to the homescreen of your phone, you'll be able to pull up the calendar of upcoming events super easy, anytime and anyplace, just like any other app you have on your phone!

If you now have your Horizon West Sunflower you received as our gift to you at a recent community event, here is the instruction sheet we mentioned so you can read up and then give your plant the love and attention it needs to grow along with the Horizon West area!

Don't forget to take pics of it at various stages with your smiling faces and post in the Facebook group! We'll be picking pics at random whenever we're in the giving mood and we'll hook the selects up with Horizon West Prize Packs! Good luck and thanks in advance for helping us in the mission to inspire social interaction amongst the incredible residents of Horizon West!