Horizon West Villages

Designed to create centralized and connected communities and avoid the typical urban sprawl trend in past years in the Central Florida area, Horizon West is a Master Planned region that is divided into 5 mixed-use, pedestrian-scaled villages plus a larger town center. Each village includes two-four neighborhoods/subdivisions oriented around community schools, green spaces and village centers that provide microlocal access for residents to stores, services, restaurants and community-centric events such as farmers markets and food truck nights.

By design, housing options range from starter to luxury and are intentionally inner-connected like you find in Disney's Celebration, FL - instead of isolated by gates and private entrances. Housing includes single-family homes, townhouses, apartments and even a lakeview assisted living facility – with some of the multi-family units located in mixed-use, work-live districts above stores, restaurants and offices. The highest density and lowest price points are centralized in the heart of each village center and increase in size radiating out from there. All of the villages will be connected by bike and walking trails - with some of them place currently in the villages that exist today and more under development.

Summerport Village  Lakeside Village 

 Village H - Hickory Nut  Village I  Village F