Instead of allowing SW Orange County to develop in a typical urban sprawl style, the owners of the orange groves that used to cover this area, joined together over coffee to brainstorm after a series of devestating freezes in the 1980s. Their ideas led to partnering with Orange County officials to develop the first of it's kind in Florida, a Master Plan with a 'new urbanism inspired' concept of a series of villages with high density activity centers that provide community hubs, walkable conveniences and a sense of space - lessening our need to hop in the car and drive on the main roads to the local strip center for each and every daily need. We like to call how Horizon West has master planned and is being implemented as "New Suburbanism"!

We're working on lots of info to share the spirit behind the Horizon West Sector Plan and why it makes this area truely unique and a wonderful place to settle with your family for a great quality of life. In the mean time, to learn more about the evolving history and plans for Horizon West - please visit these links:


Orange County: Horizon West Special Planning Area UnSprawl Case Study - 2003 

Horizon West Historical Deck from 2010