Beyond the Chair: The Village Barbershop’s John Collado and His Journey to Horizon West.

Here in the heart of Horizon West, John Collado, the proud owner of The Village Barbershop, shares a unique story that intertwines the vibrancy of Dominican roots with the enchantment of our community. John, a master with scissors, isn’t just crafting haircuts; he’s forging connections and stories, one trim at a time.



John’s journey started on the vibrant streets of the Bronx and the tranquil landscapes of the Dominican Republic. Discovering his passion for hair cutting at the young age of 13, John found guidance under the wing of Martin, a seasoned barber in a vintage barbershop in the Bronx. Martin imparted the art of proper haircuts to John, and by the age of 14, he was already making his mark, tending to a clientele that steadily grew.

Fast forward a few years. After spending some time in Miami, John and his family sought a change and moved to Horizon West. The reason? Like many in HW, the proximity to Disney was a big draw. Beyond the enchantment of theme parks, this vibrant community captured his heart, offering a family-oriented haven where he envisioned building a future.





Now, with two children aged 14 and 6, and a marriage standing strong at 19 years, John is not just a barber; he’s a family man. His wife, Noelia, shares in the journey, supporting him in the pursuit of his passion and the establishment of The Village Barbershop as a local gem.

A haircut, in John’s eyes, is more than just grooming; it’s a platform for connection and relationship-building. The barber’s chair becomes a sanctuary where stories unfold, and ears eagerly listen. He believes that a simple haircut has the power to brighten someone’s day, offering more than just a trim – a chance to lift spirits and make a positive impact. As the proprietor of The Village Barbershop, John oversees a team of nine dedicated professionals. The barbershop isn’t just a business; it’s a hub of community engagement. John extends his passion beyond the shop, volunteering at The Blake, where he provides haircuts to the elderly residents, crafting moments of compassion and care.

John’s commitment to the community extends to his involvement with Horizon West Church, where he finds solace, connection, and shared values. It’s not just a place of worship for him; it’s a community that mirrors the family-oriented spirit of Horizon West.


In John Collado, Horizon West has not just gained a skilled barber but a devoted community member who understands that life is about the shared stories that make us who we are. As he continues to wield his scissors and shape more than just hair, John invites each of you to be part of this narrative; each chapter contributing to the rich story of Horizon West’s unique spirit.


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