Bryan Fifer: A State Farm Agent with Community at Heart

In the bustling landscape of insurance, Bryan Fifer stands out not just as a seasoned State Farm agent but as a passionate advocate for community engagement. Taking the reins as his own agent in 2017, Bryan has brought a personal touch to his services, offering a range of insurance options from auto and home to life and disability, along with commercial insurance solutions. However, what truly sets Bryan apart is his unwavering commitment to connecting with and promoting the local community, a value deeply ingrained in State Farm’s ethos, which has been serving communities for over a century with the reassuring tagline, “Like a good neighbor.”

For Bryan, community involvement is a twofold endeavor rooted in his roles as both a father and a conscientious citizen. As a parent, Bryan seeks to lead by example, instilling values of civic responsibility and actively participating in initiatives aimed at creating positive change. His involvement spans across various community organizations, including the Horizon West Rotary Club, where he serves as the fundraising chair; Bears Who Care; and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Bryan’s dedication extends beyond mere participation; he is deeply invested in making tangible impacts, including his active support for the opening of Keene’s Elementary School, where one of his children currently attends and the other once attended.

One of Bryan’s most cherished projects is his involvement with the Horizon West Rotary Club’s initiatives at Maxey Elementary School in Winter Garden at Christmas. Together with his fellow Rotarians, Bryan helped provide gifts to 180 children, spreading joy and making a meaningful difference in their lives. Furthermore, Bryan serves as a mentor to two students at Maxey Elementary, embodying his belief in the power of mentorship and guidance in shaping future generations.


For those aspiring to follow in his footsteps, Bryan offers sage advice: “Find your calling and get involved.” He emphasizes the multitude of avenues available for professionals to engage with their communities, whether through chambers of commerce, PTSOs at local schools, or volunteering for career days. The key, Bryan notes, is to take that first step and immerse oneself in the fabric of the community. Beyond his professional endeavors, Bryan cherishes the connections he forms as a business owner, fostering a supportive network where fellow entrepreneurs uplift and promote one another. With a dedicated team of 10 employees alongside him, Bryan’s State Farm agency is not just a place of business but a hub of community engagement and collaboration.

In April 2023, Bryan took a significant step in his journey by relocating his office to its current location at 3724 Winter Garden Vineland Road, marking a milestone in his professional journey. This move not only provided Bryan with a more accessible and centralized location for his clients but also served as a testament to his commitment to serving the local community. By situating his office in a prime location, Bryan ensured that he remains readily available to assist his clients with their insurance needs while also contributing to the economic vitality of the area.

As Bryan looks ahead to the future, he remains steadfast in his dedication to serving both his clients and his community. Whether it’s through sponsoring local events, volunteering his time, or simply lending a helping hand to those in need, Bryan is determined to leave a lasting impact on the lives of those around him. With each interaction and contribution, he exemplifies the true spirit of being a good neighbor and upholds the timeless values upheld by State Farm for over a century.




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